lunes, 12 de diciembre de 2011

Learn more with The Open University

The Open University is offering Frozen Planet viewers the chance to continue exploring the icy wildernesses of the Arctic and Antarctic. On OpenLearn, the free learning site, you can find an interactive map that showcases geographic information from Arctic and Antarctic experts, including real-time temperature and sea ice levels, and how the polar regions have been defined over time.
A free Open University poster with maps, photos and fascinating facts about the polar regions can also be ordered. Double-sided and A1 in size, the poster details the striking geology of the poles and highlights the important relationship between the people, animals and climate.
A free online course from The Open University offers an introduction to the frozen planet, including the temperature in the polar regions; the energy from the Sun and the seasons; reading and understanding graphs and maps; and how the Arctic and Antarctic regions are defined.

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